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March 7, 2010



Thank you so much!  Mr. Gadlage was able to retrieve the contents of my USB (flash) drive!  My flash drive unexpectedly stopped working in any computer.  Mr. Gadlage was able to retrieve the contents of my flash drive, and put them onto a new flash drive quickly and efficiently.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


J. Harrington- Atlanta, GA


February 6, 2009



Justin Gadlage was a life saver!  My hard drive crashed and he was able to recover all my documents and files.  Not only was he able to do it, he did it in a timely manner and I was very pleased with the results!  Thank you!"


Abigail Erhardt- Dekalb County, GA




Mr. Gadlage,
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your service. Once I alerted you of my laptop problem, you got on it right away! You did the research to get what was needed for the repair and got back to me with the information & cost of repair in a timely manner. The turn around time for making the request, receiving the part, and repairing the laptop was very quick. Your efficiency and timeliness is greatly appreciated. I will highly recommend you to others who need computer repair work.

Thanks again!"


Angie Jackson- Dekalb County, GA




Mr. Gadlage repaired our computer a few months ago and it was done in a very timely manner.  A couple of months later our same computer was struck by lightning and ruined.  We called Mr. Gadlage and he came right over to our home to check the computer.

Our computer was damaged beyond repair and he built our family a new computer.  Mr. Gadlage has been very quick in his response time to our computer needs and we really appreciate his dedication to his customers.  When Mr. Gadlage has been called by us with a computer problem he has responded very quickly.  He identifies the problem and fixes it promptly.

We appreciate Mr. Gadlage's professionalism and hard work."


Kieffer S. DeForest- Lawrenceville, GA




It has been our privilege here at Stedi-Power Inc .to have used your services for our computer needs.  You have always been extremely punctual in meeting our needs and have always performed your technical duties in a professional manner.

We are happy knowing that you are there when we need you."


Tony Barbaris - Buford, GA


Stedi-Power Inc




Justin Gadlage at JMG Computers provides excellent service!  He is prompt, concise, and does anything do ensure your computer gets fixed.

Here’s my story, in the fall I had my computer fixed with JMG Computers. In order to make sure that my computer was fixed in a timely fashion, Justin met me at a local shopping complex to pick up my computer so he could get a start on it (on a Saturday.  Wouldn’t you know, I had my computer back on Monday.  There was only one downfall.  My computer was old, and was making a strange noise while it was on, turned out my computer died while he was working on it so he wasn’t able to retrieve some information.  Well, a few months passed, and Justin wanted to take a look at my computer again.  He had gotten new software that he thought my help restore the files on my computer if he could get my computer to run again.  I thought why not give it a try. Turns out, he was able to recover the files on my old computer and save them for me so I would once again have my information. Not to mention he had my computer back to me the same day!!!

In closing, Justin is not only computer friendly, he is also people friendly. I do not know of any other company that would go out of their way so much to make a client feel appreciated and valued.  He is truly the best man for the job! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with their computer troubles.



Amanda M. Balde - Cherokee County, GA




I really love this new system. It is super. And surely outdoes anything we have ever had!   I do believe that you have wonderful people skills and are so service oriented. You also possess true humility and are a smart person who works to figure out solutions. It is rare to find someone so technical with such an engaging personality who can communicate well with others! 

Thanks again for your good service!" 


Jenny Pair - Walton County, Georgia



Justin helped me design a computer just right for me!  Then he built it and set it up for me at a great price!  That was one year ago, and my new computer has been perfect!  It has all the programs/software to do what I need it to do!  My daughter and her husband purchased one from Dell that has already been returned twice during the first year of use!
Thanks, Justin, for a great computer!"

Melissa and Sam Jones - Paulding County, Georgia




Justin came to my house, took my computer, fixed it REALLY fast, returned it, reinstalled it and did so for an UNBELIEVABLY low price. We've never had ANY problems with it again. He is the GREATEST!"

F.A. Huard - Gwinnett County, Georgia



Very dependable! Justin is very knowledgeable and professional. I'm so glad I call him anytime the need arises. His prices are unbeatable too! Call him, you'll be happy you did!"

Judy and Fred Michael - Gwinnett County, Georgia



Justin personalized my media center website so that it would be user-friendly for my staff, students, parents, and business partners.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to website details and meeting individual needs." 

Stacie Gadlage - Gwinnett County, Georgia



Whenever I have a computer problem, he always has the answer.  His  knowledge of computers is superb."

David Norling - Walton County, Georgia



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